Divorce - Why always women have to kept kids with her?

I have seen many divorced case. I have seen after divorce man becomes free birds, and women have to take care of kids.

I have hardly heard that man take kids with him.

I am guy. I am unmarried. but i think this is wrong.

I have seen in many case, the reason for divorce is man spotted flirting, dating or already married with another women. so if in this case women take away kids. this kind of man become free and can spoil life of another girls.

And in most of the cases women have to start job and fight a lot to grow their little kids.

I think this is unjustice. Why only women have to suffer?

What you think women should kept kids or men should? explain with valid reason.

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  • well you have to want the kids. and it's usually men who don't want them after a divorce, plus, women are put in the role of nurturer so we tend to be the ones who do the work with the kids, which then leads to us being seen as the better option. but, not all men want their kids taken away. who really knows if men are socialized to suck at parenting and to want ''freedom'' from kids as a result of women being put in charge of childcare and general housework by social expectations or if men just in nature don't want to care for kids-but either way, the solution is to divide the work between parents which would get rid of the wage gap, the inequality in divorce cases and get rid of harmful gender roles.


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What Girls Said 5

  • Women are usually the primary caretakers of the children within the marriage - they tend to spend the most time with the children and in order to maintain that routine, the courts award them custody (or they get the week days, rather than weekends, etc). No women will get custody if she doesn't want it, and she's likely to receive child support from the husband. The courts are generally pretty fair about it (at least from a legal perspective).

  • every situation is different. when my ex boyfriend and his ex wife divorced he would have loved to have his two kids. he new that he had no chance because her whole family lived in the same town that they were living in. his parents live in florida. they agreed that he would have the kids on the weekends and he would pay child support.

  • Majority of the time men do not push getting custody of their kids. Yes there are some men who want custody and will fight nail and tooth for it but you mainly see the mother having full custody and taking care of the children. That's how it is in certain situations.

  • It used to be the opposite. Why has it flipped sides? I'm not sure however you should take into account the many dudes that don't even show up for court for custody hearings.

  • In most cases men don't want full custody of their children. blade7184.blogspot.com/.../...ppiness-divorce.html

    In most cases men don't wan to be the PRIMARY care giver. Thus they opt for partial custody, where they get their kids for the weekend or short extended amounts of time. These decisions are usually AGREED upon by both parties.

    If the two parties cannot come to an agreement then data will be collected to find which parent is most suited to be the primary care giver. The judge will interview the children, interview the parents, and hear witness testimony. IF a man or woman can't remember their child's birthday, or extra curricular activity, chances are they won't get custody.


What Guys Said 3

  • For a start, women cheat as much during marriages as men do. There are fewer doing it, but they do it more often. The average woman who cheats during marriage starts doing it at about 5 years. The average man who cheats starts at about 10 years (he's probably been missing out totally for 5 years).

    If women didn't think it was an advantage being "stuck" with the kids, why are 70% or more of divorces initiated by women?
    If she keeps the kids, that entitles her to 80% or more of the accumulated assets ("because the kids deserve it"). She can then spend all the assets on herself and the kids get nothing, but that's OK. She will still be getting child support from her ex. It's called divorce theft, and many men leave a marriage owning less than they did before they were married.

    Women will often plan a divorce for years (sometimes even 7 years), just waiting for the most financially opportune moment. Quite often (most often) the husband will be completely unaware, because he's just been doing everything to keep her happy and she hasn't asked for more or ever been refused.
    When the woman has just cleaned one man out of his life's earnings, she's free to go out and do it again if she's young and pretty enough too find another sucker.

    The next man could be living in the house you paid for, but she'll find a way to get his money too.

    Open your eyes and have a re-think about all this.

  • I find your question awfully ignorant. First, children are not a 'burden' that cause their parents to 'suffer'. Second, you're completely discounting any concept that a man may WANT to still be in his child's life after a divorce but often finds that family courts are extremely biased against fathers getting custody.

  • I have more friends that are single dads than single moms and If I would have had children from my marriage I would have fought for custody. I don't equate loosing the most important things in life (your children) to being "set free"

    When did children become a burden instead of an asset in peoples minds?


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