He's still friends with the girl he cheated with, what should I do?

Before we started dating, him and his friends used to hook up and at one point I'm sure they liked each other.
A few months into our relationship, he made out with her, they were both a little tipsy.
Apart from that mistake, she's never actually tried to come between our relationship. They still talk often but they rarely hang out cause she lives in a different town.

They have a really close friendship apart from just hooking up, it's clear that they definitely care about each other as friends.
But obviously he likes me more cause he's dating me but it still kinda bothers me that he's friends with her.
I've never actually met this girl or had any type of interaction with her either, is that suspicious?


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  • A rule for me: If he cheats on me.. and I decide to stay with him.. then he had better stop talking to the WHORE that he cheated on me with. I don't care if it was a DAY or a WEEK into the relationship. It goes with respect. Obviously, she doesn't have ANY respect for your relationship and is most inclined to do it again.

    He needs to STOP talking to her. OR YOU NEED TO GET OUT OF THIS.

    I am sorry you are in this crap situation. *Love* to you. <3


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  • If they just kissed while being drunk, it's not really that important. He obviously finds her attractive, though, and she likes him back, so I'd never let them hang out together alone. But if they barely see each other... I mean, you don't want to be THAT kind of girlfriend, do you?

    If it really bothers you, ask him about the kind of relationship they have, ask him to reassure you. Talk it over as much as you need, but try not to act possessive nor controlling; worried is OK, though.


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  • If it bothers you, you need to make it known and talk to him about it. Tell him it bothers you.


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