My Ex girlfriend avoid me every time and I think she afraid of me why?

So I broke up with my girlfriend about 2 years and I can't understand something , me and my ex we are studying at the same university and we lived together at the same building , after we break up she found a boyfriend very quickly something like one month. we had a relationship one year and i broke her because when we been separated at summer time a call her a lot and always she had something else to do , no time for five minutes talk, and she agreed to broke up and I call her I lot of times to say that I love her I want to be together again but she didn't want to, anyway my question is that she is 2 years with her new boyfriend and, sometimes we happened to cross each other and she always avoid me like she will not look at me at all, after some time I move out to a new building and she move out too , to the same building, she live at the upper floor , at 8 floor I am at seven. I think she living with her boyfriend. And some days ago I was out waiting for a taxi and my ex with her boyfriend with his car stop at the front and when she went out of the car smilling , the time she saw me freak out a little (funny expression at her face like her food get burned ) and she went inside at the car again. And they left , is she afraid me? I can't understand I never hit or been the bad fearless guy. And also her boyfriend avoid a lot , it happened to cross our path at the enter of the building and he didn't went inside to avoid the drama situation to been together at the same elevator and he turn and went for I don't where but every time my ex is close to me she will do something like turn her back look her phone , I thought that with previous relationships at least you can say hi , mine others ex girlfriends are always say hi and smile. I don't care about my ex girlfriend now but it seems very bad to me that she chose to turning back to the car and leave and don't just walk straight to the enter and avoid me again as she always doing. why?


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