What keeps a guy interested in a relationship? I fear he'll fall out of love like my ex did. :(?

We had instant chemistry from the start. He let me know that he loves that we have the same humor, we're always comfy together, we are both organized perfectionnists. He was looking for a fun, funny and easy-going sporty girl. That's exactly who I am. I run and swim with him often (those are my sports. He is training for an ironman). We can enjoy silence together but we've also spoken all night long before, we've spent days in a row together, not able to pull apart. He's told his friends and his mom about me - she even knows my name. So we're in a strong honeymoon phase.

Here's the thing though. With many exes, they just started putting less and less effort into the relationship. They'd get disinterested and in the end, they'd just not care to see me anymore. I was last priority. Although things are going great with my new bf, I am insecure that the same thing will happen. I'm always afraid my partner will get sick of me. I think that if I am nag-free, easygoing, still enthused by physical intimacy and still balanced in my life, he'll stick around. Also little acts of kindness too, like feeding him, and sharing common activities like working out. What's your opinion on this?


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  • Well I'm no expert but I think that as long as you are putting in the effort, there's nothing else you can do to stop him from losing feelings for you. If he stops putting effort in, you don't belong together. The right guy will never stop putting in effort because he'll care about keeping you as much as you care about keeping him.

    So don't stress about that until it actually starts happening (which it might not). Enjoy the relationship and always try to keep him happy. If you feel like he isn't reciprocating, talk with him about it, and that's about all you can do. Like I said, if it doesn't work out, it's because you weren't right for each other. Don't think it was because you did anything wrong.


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