cheating boyfriend that is not sorry about it!?

Hi Everyone! I really need help ASAP!
I am in my late 30's and my boyfriend is in his late 40's. we were in a committed relationship. But recently he had slept with his ex gf. That he broke up already she was a bad person who drain his money and slept with my boyfriend while she has a husband who is in bed with cancer. My boyfriend dump her already this was before me. so recently she had the keys to the house and sneak in got naked while he was sleeping and did things to him and he had sex with her and he said he should of pushed her away which he didn't. and told me about it the next day. I was crushed. I told him he should of push her away period for the way she lied to him before. he should not touch her. I told him he does not love me then. He says he does. He wants both the next day he tell me. he did not apologize he said trouble came looking for him and he did not look for trouble. anyways did met him and yelled at him. and actually text him and yelled at him again. so he text back say I am not willing to put things behind us. and i have lost trust and faith in him and he deserves it. and maybe I should'nt be with him. He has not text me for 4 days now. Does anyone knows if he will text me and apologize. I know now he is with the ex. And I am not fighting over him. That's what he wants. Tell me your opinions please!
Thanks Everyone! I Moved on...


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  • leave him alone and forget about him. U should realize now that he is doing you a favor by staying away. U don't need a jerk like that in your life now, do you?

  • Sounds like he is with his ex now. It also sounds like he isn't remorseful for what he did.

    He's an asshole. My condolences, you can find someone better.

    good luck to you!

  • He sounds like a complete jerk... even if he does apologize don't take him back.. that was manipulative of his ex to walk into his bed naked... but you are right... he should have pushed her away. Don't waste you time with someone that is going to play games with your heart.


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