How do I get my ex bf back? He broke up with me.?

So my bf broke up with me a week ago cause he was too busy for a relationship so i texted him "Okay just call me if u wanna mess around" and he was like "okay". But i luv him and i want him back. Even if it means that i have to wait after college (we r in college). i will wait after college. How do i get him back?


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  • If he says he is too busy for a relationship, I don't think right now would be a good time for you to try and get him back. I don't think it's fair to yourself either to wait for after college. Love not only needs the right people, but it needs the right timing as well.

    • Yeah but he always makes me happy and smile and I swear even when I am mad at him, I am happy. I will wait because there is no one like him to me

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