I really need someone's advice!?

So me and my recent ex boyfriend dated for two years this would be our 3rd year. We were high school sweethearts and I love him more than anything. He broke up with me when he went off to college 30 mins away from home to join a fraternity. I completely understood. We keep in contact and we're talking on and off. He ended up dropping out of school and working at a local store until he gets sent off with the navy. Just a week ago he told me he loved me and he has said that he was going to ask me out soon and that was a month ago. He finally broke the news last night that he loved me and doesn't want any other girl but me but he wants to continue to talk and tell people we are talking but he doesn't want to be labeled boyfriend/girlfriend. He is also not for sure if he wants to be in a relationship and have to move far away due to the navy. What should I do? Everyone is telling me that if I love him I should be patient?


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  • I think it's a tough choice. I think if you feel he is worth wait and the effort then try and be patient on him and wait. Some pros is you guys already have a lot of history together. Been together on and off for a while. You know each other well, etc. Some cons is he will be leaving. He will be far away it will be a long distance relationship. Also he doesn't want to fully committ. etc. To be fair though if he really loves you and wants to be serious with you then he should buy you an engagement ring. That to me would show he is serious. Off course their is other ways he could show that he is serious and really loves you. I think in the end you should way out the pros and cons. And yo ushould do what makes you happy. Whether if that is being with him or dating other people. You already invested some years in this. I think if you think it's worth investing anymore time with him. I think he could do way better then just talking a good game.

    • Okay thank you soooo much! That really helped!

    • Your very welcome. Thank you very much for selecting my answer as the best answer. I wish you the best and good luck with the decision. Update me if you can.

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