Is ex-girlfriend playing mind games with me?

Hi. My ex-girlfriend ended our one year relationship 2 weeks ago saying we don't have a future together. I loved her but she was very controlling (didn't let me see my friends) and got verbally abusive towards the end. She has been treated badly by her past boyfriend.

So I started going out with my friends again, exercising, training etc without contacting her. She then contacted me asking if I loved her I would have chased her instead of heading to the gym to forget her.

I told her if you don't want to be with me, let me go. Then she texted me this:

"I would give us some break now. And let see how its going to feel after some time like a month or so. i think after that time we both will know what we want from each other and if there will still be feelings".

I said fine and went out this weekend. One of my female friends used the photo of me and her dancing as her new Facebook profile (just mates. nothing else). So my ex messaged me this morning saying:

"Haha free man, you are now in profile picture of. I wonder what plans she has ready for you..."

I texted back - its nothing..

My question - I still love her but am trying to move on if she doesn't want me. If she doesn't love me let me be. Do you thing she still got feelings for me or is she trying to play mind games?

What would you do?
Thank you for your advice guys. Very helpful :)


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  • She's playing games with you. She's waiting to see if someone better comes along... if not, you're there to fall back on. You said she's controlling... she's trying to control you even when you're not together. That's a huge red flag! If you let her do this to you then you will be miserable! Consider the break up a gift and move on!


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  • Sounds like she obviously still has feelings for you she just wants to feel like you'd actually strive to be with her instead of just being with her because why not? The girl sounds like she's a clingy person and you sound like you're not which can make some relationships harder.

    The real question is do you actually want to be with her? If you don't, which is understandable, then you need to move on and tell her that it's just not going to work out. If you do want to be with her then you have to realize that one of her needs is to feel wanted, which means you're going to have to work to show that you love her and avoid situations which might lead to showing the opposite (like dancing with other girls, even if they're just friends). It really depends on how compatible you think you are with her and her needs.

    • If she was treated badly by her past boyfriends and still stayed with them for a while then this further shows that she's just a clingy person.

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