How do I get over him when he's still trying to talk to me?

There's a guy I had a 'thing' with about a month ago. We'd been talking for a while, and we made out at parties a few times. He stopped talking to me and started talking to other girls. He hooked up with a slut who may or may not have herpes. Now he started talking to me again, and I hate to say but I still have feelings for him. Obviously he's bad news. How can I move on and forget about him? :(


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  • I'd do your best to avoid him and ignore him. Nothing heals the heart quicker than distance. This doesn't by any means mean you should be mean to him, in fact that's probably the worst thing you could do. Don't smear your reputation for some ass. Always try to remember that you really do deserve someone who will treat you very well. Set your standards high and wait for someone brave enough to climb up and meet them. I'm sure you're amazing and eventually someone special will realize that too, don't bend to that guys level just because he is showing you interest. Try to avoid him and be around close friends or family they generally have good advice and will keep your best interests in mind.


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  • There isn't really anything you can do about your feelings for him. it is good that you realize he isn't the best guy in the world, so that should help some. just give it some time and meet some other guys.


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