I can't understand my ex and his signals?

Me and my ex have been broken up for 6 months now, He recently stopped talking to his rebound chick and he's been wanting to talk to me but I've refused. I saw him at a party last night and he noticed me talking to his buddies and he came and started talking to me. We hung out the whole night and even when he left to get food but he still came back and sat with me in the same chair. We were kind of flirting and having a good time, every time our faces got close I turned my cheek to avoid anything to play hard to get. Then next thing I know I gave in and he was kissing me. And we acted like we were together that night, he gave me forehead kisses and everything. It was perfect, but this morning I haven't heard from him or anything and my best friend was texting him to find out what that was about but he's avoided or changed the topic every time she brought us up.. totally confused as to what this is.


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  • He... might've just been confused, or drunk, or longing for what you two were. He may have been wanting to get back together or he might've just been wanting to get laid.
    You won't know until you confront him and ask him about it. I suggest you doing so instead of your friend.


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