How to get over an ex and for good?

This guy and I only dated for a month but I can't seem to stop thinking about that time. The whole relationship failed since we weren't exactly communicating, so from that I learned to just work on myself instead of diving into a relationship. But even though I know that it's in the past, there's those times when I just start thinking about the times we had together. It got so bad one night that I couldn't really sleep.

I can't just ignore him either. We are in the same classes and it's one of those classes where you kinda have to interact with each other, plus we have the same little circle of friends.

How did you get over an ex? And for good?

And also, is it possible being friends with an ex? I wouldn't mind being friends with him, he even said to one of our mutual friends that he wouldn't mind either, but is it possible? My friend said that I might develop feelings but is it possible to avoid that?


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  • I had a relationship similar to yours. We didn't talk a lot and It only lasted a month. I couldn't get my mind off her for a while. The only way I forget about her was by finding another person thats special to me. As to you asking if its possible being friends with your ex... Of course it is! Its completely normal and possible to be friends with your ex. Hope that helped!

    • But what if there is no one else that feel special to me. As of now, I just wanna at least focus on the other things like school and work. Is there another way?

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  • alcohol lots of alcohol.

  • I've been through this and it lasted only a month too.

    It was quite intense.

    I just spent a lot of time with friends (NOT going out and getting pissed) ... after 6 months I met someone better.


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