No response to text message after I saw girl at bar last night?

I've known this girl for a year or so now , we were sort of friends as we lived close to each other and went to the same clubs in hometown.
I hadn't heard from her in a few months as she was away at school but I ran into her at bar last night and talked to her for a bit she sort of seemed interested but was tough to read her body language. I tried to text her today and looks like message sent but no reply.

basically I was just saying hi and mentioned I'd like to talk to her as it had been a while since we had. should I just assume she's not interested or busy if I don't get a reply soon , was it a mistake to try texting her in the first place? or that not a big deal


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  • its not a big deal. if she never texts back oh well. but she might be thinking of what to say, or she might think she needs to wait a day or something (some people think they need to wait a certain amount of time before replying). she might be busy. give it time and if she responds, great! if not, then she's not interested.


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  • No, wasn't a mistake to text her! But I wouldn't send anything else, she will either reply if she is interested or let it go if she isn't.

    • I never heard anything back from her , I will likely see her again though as summer seems to bring girls like her out at night. maybe texting her just wasn't that great an idea , I agree not a mistake but maybe put too much hope into 1 text to her

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