Hm does my Ex's gal pal like him or?

So I've been on friendly terms with my ex for the past few days. JUST FRIENDS I made it clear that they're won't be any more us, which he agreed, but still tries to make moves anyway lol.

However, ever since he and I have been talking a female friend of his, which I was once friends with too has been acting strangely to him. At first he didn't admit to it, but after awhile he finally came clean that she's been acting funny ever since he started talking to me.

Saying things like "I thought you weren't going to talk to her anymore, and this and that.

Its to the point where he's like "NO i want you to stay, if anything she's going to go, and im like... eeh? Im not trying to break up a friendship or whatever they have.

It took my by surprise because she and I use to be really close at some point, but now im not so sure what he's been telling her. I didn't do anything to either or them so why would she have any hostility towards me?

Did something might of happen between them or what?

If thats the case ill gladly stand down, but its just weird for her to behave like that.


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  • You have the right to know why she doesn't want your ex to be friends with you and you should ask your ex why she doesn't want you to be friends with him. If he doesn't. Answer , there both not worth it because a true friend or ex would tell you the truth


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