Why did she say this to me and something else to her roommate?

Me and my girlfriend broke up a month and a half ago. It basically was because of bad timing, she was confused and didn't know what she wanted (we were headed towards a serious long term relationship... she had just got out of one). Like we were talking about our future and it was the "right" thing but not the "right" time.

Anyways she told me that she would be open to giving it a 2nd chance if our paths were to ever cross in the future. She never does this with anyone that she dates, but she said it was different for me. She said yes things change but normally its one and done but because of why things ended she said that wasn't the case with me and her. There would always be a possibility.

So the other day a mutual friend of ours, (her roommate), had brought up my name and she wasn't happy about it I guess. She was pretty short with her friend but said that if our paths do cross in the future and we started chatting that it would just be as friends and nothing would happen.

Why did she say that to her friend when she had told me that she would be open to it? Maybe she just wants to keep it between me and her and not think that far ahead especially cuz she doesn't know what she wants? Also if our paths did cross and we talked it wouldn't be like we would give it a 2nd chance right away... we would obviously talk as friends first and see if the same feelings were there before we went forward. So could that be why she said it too? Thats what I was kind of thinking but I'm kind of confused by this

One thing you should know is this girl is very straight forward about her feelings and intentions and doesn't bs or lie about those things. We were together for a while and got very close to one another and if she didn't think we could ever date again or didn't want to I know she would have told me


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  • Quite frankly, by the time I read that she was confused, a red flag hit me. In women's lingo, when she is confused, that means she's not as interested in you to actually continue a relationship. I in fact wondered if she was still interested in her previous ex - especially since she had such a 'long relationship' with them. If she was all gunho for you, this issue of 'confusion' wouldn't even arise. She'd be very happy to be with you and think down the line of marriage. She was trying to let you down gently which in my humble opinion, was beating around the bush and leaving you hanging as opposed to truthfully wanting more. I'm sorry this is how she ended it. The mutual friend DID get the real angle which unfortunately you had to hear. It is not a reflection on you. Think the following movie: 500 days of Summer. Keep confident. There are thousands of women seeking to be with the 'right guy' - you just have to keep searching and hopefully you'll find her:)

  • It sounds like you already have this figured out.


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