Problem I saw ex on weekend and now I want her back?

I hadn't even seen her in person or heard anything from her in a few months before last Saturday. I ran into her at this bar and we talked but only for a little bit and nothing else really happened.

I had already been missing her before seeing her so to suddenly see her made me want her more and she looked really good and doesn't appear to be dating anyone else yet. but our relationship had a lot of problems and ended really badly. and although I really liked her I'm not sure I could ever see us working out or if she even wants anything to do with me. so I'm not sure if wanting to be with her is really a good idea , I was really torn after I saw her at bar and had a hard time talking to other girls rest of night


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  • The only way of finding out what Fate Just may have in store Again for you both, is contact her and start out as Friends, if possible. See where this leads to. If there were many problems in the previous relationship, and things went really as sour as you are saying, more than likely both of you would have learned from your past mistakes. However, with so much that has happened, and now that you both have moved on, it's hard to know what she is feeling, or if she would want to Begin the Beguine again, or even if things could ever really be the same again.
    Do some soul searching first. xx


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