Why would he kissed another girl in front of all his friends? Does he like her?

It's like he didn't even care that he would get caught cheating. They were all clubbing together, they share many mutual friends and most of them are really close. He was seeing her before we became official. He's still friends with her after he cheated and we took two short breaks (we've been dating for about 3 months) but we've decided to get back together this time. Do you think their kiss means anything?
He was 100% sober because he was the driving that night.


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  • Maybe he was drink and not thinking straight


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  • I think this is a girl he can't stay friends with if they have un-resolved feelings.
    They shouldn't have even been clubbing together. I think this guy thinks he's invincible and he's going to do whatever he wants to do.

    Ask him why you and not her. Then if he gives you valid reasons, set strong boundaries that you both expect each other to keep.

  • Short answer - He's a dog. She's a dog. Let them catch fleas. You deserve better than to concern yourself with them. Leave.


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