Random message from an ex? What does he want?

A guy I was with three years ago randomly messaged me saying to have a good day and he would text me after he got off work. What? We dated senior year of high school for two months, he broke up with me over a text message he sent at 4 am while I was sleeping. And went after a girl he met on xbox. Since then, I've found someone I'm genuinely in love with and have been with for over a year.

What could this guy even want and why would he randomly message me?


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  • that he's a lame guy who'd break up a with a girl in the middle of the night to date a girl he met on a video gaming network. clearly he lacks some social etiquette, so unsurprisingly he'd make a move like this.

    I'd avoid him like the plague if you are still wondering what or if you should do anything

    • Yup. Being the too nice girl that I am, I replied. And of course, "I'm the only one who made him happy" and "He's going to wait on me". I told him flat out no, find someone else. I'm happy in my relationship.

      And I totally agree. He's lacking in a lot of things x. x

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  • He just feeling alone and he miss u


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