Ex became completely ignorant, what do I do?

My ex broke up with me almost a month ago and ever since then he's been acting really weird. The reason we broke up is that he told me he lost interest, however he also told me I was a really good girlfriend and we had a good relationship. He also stated that he really wants to stay friends. We've had a serious conversation about this a while ago, because I felt completely crushed and hurt, he apologized a lot but we sorted it all out. However, ever since the break-up he's been acting weird. He used to text me all the time, even before the relationship, he was funny, laid-back and now he just looks tired and grumpy, never writes, he does respond and he is friendly when I try to communicate, though. His friends also told me he's passive with them too. I also found it weird, that a few days before the break-up he looked so happy with our relationship, he looked happy he had me and just after a few days he just wrote that things won't work out because he doesn't love me anymore. I feel that something might've happened but even his best friend is confused and knows nothing. What could it be?


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  • Who knows, it could be anything. It's probably something personal since he's acting weird towards his friends too, so I would just give him some space and time and hopefully he'll come around.


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  • Its possible that he has some personal situations happening or stressors occurring in his life at the moment. That might have fueled his decision, in which case, it has NOTHING to do with you. He needs to figure out how to navigate this situation. If I were you, I wouldn't hold my breath girly. Breakups suck big time and they are hurtful. Who knows when he is going to realize he wants to be with you. I would work on healing from the situation, so you can move on and find someone who is completely available to like you. Good luck.


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