Why would I be unblocked by my ex? Please help.?

I understand my ex is very caring of me and pretty much use to be obsessed with me (could not be strong enough emotionally to just end our relationship when we were both struggling because of it). BUT...

He broke it off about a week ago and it ended really bad cause he did the silent treatment out of nowhere, so i obsessively messaged him in worry, which he retaliated immaturely saying he's never going to talk to me again & offically blocked me on all accounts (previously had blocked all numbers but then had blocked both my Facebook accounts). I was worried something bad had happened to him, but eventually threatened him w hurting myself so that threw him off the edge.

It's been 2 days over a week since he last said anything. I noticed the other day he had unblocked me cause I found his profile on a friends.

I know there's a high chance he still loves me, and I know for sure he still cares... but I dont get why he'd unblock me but not say ANYTHING to me. He hasent messaged me at all. Is this his way of being cruel? as to say "Hey you see I unblocked u, which gives u access to trying to message me again. Either get upset again and obsessive, or just take the cold truth its just over babe."

His mom was always very involved in our relationship or at least with us as individuals. I told her 3 days ago I had to call ambulance and police on my friend cause she went crazy (she suffers from borderline personality and self harmed in which my hands were covered in blood trying to help her) but she never said anything. I doubt she told him though. Even if she told him, why would he just unblock me to not say anything.

I dont get it. Is he trying to be cruel?

I don't understand. Please help me understand.


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  • He definitely cares and you got his attention he really cares about your well being and your safety he's most likely hurt but feeling guilty for you wanting to hurt yourself i wouldn't say that again if you guys every get in a argument dont try to keep him by saying that he will only get madder because i dont think he wants to argue with you i really think he wanted this to work out just as much as you did try not to argue with someone you have strong feelings about because if you dont wanna loose him its best to just talk to him calmly or try to overlook or compromise together on the situation but i would wait a while not to long maybe a day or two again or let him come to you but i think you should talk things out after a day or two he's not out to hurt you if he's worried about your well being from the sound of it he's more hurt by you saying you wanna hurt yourself then anything that could only make the situation worse especially when you know he still cares even after the argument you guys had i wouldn't call this over i would call this fixable in time or soon its all about how you approach him when discussing the situation.


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