I'm ready to move past this chapter, but i need advice please?

about 9 months ago i broke up with my girlfriend. she did it in the most sudden and cold hearted way and did a cold hearted thing. so many things happened around that..

i got depressed... i started using drugs again, every day, for the following 4 or so months... i was even cutting myself

when the semester started i went back away got totally over everything, except now i just don't get close to any girls.

every time i had real feelings for a girl i would emotionally invest in her, and it would just end with me in heartache, so i just hook up with girls once and move on but i dont wanna do that anymore.

i'm scared to return to the point i was at, so what can i do?


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  • I would get the professional help you need and deserve. Drug use and self-harm are serious issues and you'll benefit greatly from sorting it all out.


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