What Can I do to regain my boyfriend's trust? we just broke up.

My boyfriend and I had been in a long distance relationship for 6 months. our relationship was great apart from sometimes when we had some fights that went out of cotnrol yet we knew how to work it out.
He's a very jealous person, he doesn't want me to go out with any of my guy friends, to stay out late or to do anything that might upset him (as he used to say).
I respected and did exactly what he said. Except for that one time when a friend of mine texted me saying that we should all meet, so I suggested going to a concert all together (as a group) and I bought the tickets for me and that guy friend but I didn't tell me boyfriend. I lied to my boyfriend and told him that I'll go to the concert with some coworkers, and that they're the ones who got me the ticket.
so I went that day and stayed out a bit late, when I got bk home I found my bf texting me in a weird way, anyway I went, and that day I stayed out a bit late, only when I came bk home I found my bf texting me in a weird way... he was unsure of the relationship and he doubted my every action. Next day we met and I found out that he opened my Facebook (Though I never gave him my password nor asked for his and I have no clue how he opened my fb account).
he read my conversation with that friend and he found out that I lied to him about who I was with, and he even thought that, I asked that friend to go with me because I have special feelings for him!
not only that, he also read my old conversations (conversations with 2 ex boyfriends) and he found out about some stuff that he wasn't supposed to know, because we agreed at the beginning that past is past.
he broke up with me 3days ago because he said he'd never be able to trust me again and that he felt like I stabbed him in the back.
I know I did a mistake but I love him so much and I want him back.
what can I do?


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  • What you think about your love? you want to love a criminal? you want to love a fraud person?
    You want loss all your friend for your bf? you want to loss enjoyment for one bf?

    He is criminal: he hack your Facebook account. that is criminal offence in many country and refers as fraud in many country.

    He also told you to not go out with friend and all. check him out i am sure he must have many girls too.

    Dont waste your time. Find a bf who really loves you and who trust you a lot.

    if you not able to find one good bf, i can be your best friend, follow me, message me.


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  • Be thankful you're broken up. He's a controlling asshole. You're better off without him.


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  • Oh.. that's a tough situation to be in. First of all, I'm wondering how much you *really* want to get back together with him? I know you feel very sad and guilty at the moment, which is understandable considering the circumstances, but I don't sense much positivity in the way you describe your relationship *before* the concert thing. I mean, you mentioned that he was already being controlling, and *somehow* he logged into your FB account and "found out" about this deception of yours (which was totally innocent to begin with)?
    Anyway, what I mean to say is this: I understand that he means a lot to you, and that you're scared to death of losing him right now. And all I'm encouraging you to do is to take a moment to step back, take a deep breath, and try to understand *why* this is happening and *where* your life is going. If you realize that this guy is your future and the *one* for you, then by all means, you should apologize, reach out to him, explain to him *why* you did what you did.
    And if you *don't* see him in your future- then you needn't offer him any explanation. Honestly, you didn't do anything unforgivable, and there's no reason why you should feel the need to live in limbo like an outcast and be punished indefinitely.
    YOU are the only one who can choose how this turns out for you :) Take care of yourself.


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