Should I tell him something that happened while we were broken up?

My current bf and I had only been together for six weeks when he broke up with me abruptly, and for no reason. This he has admitted. That's not the issue. While we were broken up (a period of a few months), I started talking to another guy. the guy who broke up with me after a few weeks regretted breaking up with me and started trying to win me over again. I was honest with both guys that I didn't know who I was going to choose so it's not like I was playing one of them. anyway, I fooled around a little bit with the new guy after we had been talking awhile. It didn't lead to sex or oral. A few weeks after the incident, I chose the guy who had originally broken up with me and regretted it. We've been together now for a year since. I never told him that I fooled around with the other guy. I just feel so bad. Even though we weren't together, and he had broken up with me, I still feel like I had been cheating on him because my heart was with him the whole time. I also just am not a "kiss and teller" to begin with... I don't know intimate details of anyone he was with before me, and he's never asked about the intimate details of any of my previous relationships. He says when it comes to that, he'd rather not know... Is it fine that I haven't said anything?
Note: pls don't ask why I chose one guy over the other. That's not my question, and I have my reasons after knowing both of them for why I chose the first guy. He's been the best bf in the year since.


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  • What you did or didn't do while the two of you were apart was up to you. It is not anyone elses business. For that period of time you were single. There is absolutely no reason that you should tell your bf what happened. It's your life. Don't worry about it you did nothing wrong.


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