Confused on what do with my ex, That i still live with and any ideas as how to fix this break up would be great?

So i was with this Girl for a little over 3 years. She is 20 and I am 21.( i kinda think this one year in age kinda drove us apart a long with her new job). One month we were talking about getting our own place and then the next month she doesn't ever want to do anything with me. She would rather go out with her friends all the time and her work buddy's. Which was fine and all dam i just wanted to spend one day with her. But then all of a sudden says she doesn't know what she wants in life. I was going crazy wondering what she was doing why she didn't want to do anything with me.( she barley want to give me a kiss or a hug it seemed like and never use to be that she always wanted to. she wanted me to come tuck her in at night for the longest time). So i asked her to tell me if she still wanted to be with me (I kinda forced it out of her by making her tell me before letting her go out again. and well she dumped me. I kinda went a little crazy was not in a good state of mind and i was drunk for like 3 days straight. I still have to live with her for 4 months. Any ideas as what i should do? I love this girl so much. i always pictured her in my future. and Im going crazy i feel like. i mean we still kinda talk to each other but like i said we still live together. ( this break up is still every new only like a week old. but feels like she has been pulling apart for like a month.) Any advice as to what to would be great.


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  • I mean, she SHOULD be honest about her feelings with you and stop dragging you around but it sounds like she has some "living" to do and wants/needs to be free.. it is what it is. Let her go man, you two are simply at different points in life right now and you can't force it, ya know? :\


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