Girl using me in this 'relationship'. What actions should I take?

Lots of random details so I apologize if I'm all over the place. I met this girl recently on my campus and we've been hanging out for about a month and a half. We both were really interested in each other because we just like to chill and watch sports or documentaries, and we later found out we are really into weed. She told me a little while into our time together that she was bi, but that really didn't bother me.

We hung out for a couple weeks before we had sex a few times on a weekend. She said she couldn't have sex for 2 weeks following that because she was just put on meds for this kidney thing or whatever. It's been nearly 4 weeks now but I haven't pressed the issue.

However here's how things got weird. Someone I know messaged her and she basically she said this: she is still in a long-distance relationship with her gf and has been for 3 years (she told me she had an ex), but she is allowed to have sex with guys (like me) if it's just sex. Also, she told the guy that messaged her that's she's just sticking around with me for my weed.

So what should I do? I'm obviously hurt because I thought she had legitimate feelings for me. However I feel naiive for falling for her lie. If I aggressively end things it makes me come off as foolish for falling for her game.

If I can resume having sex with her and just act cold towards her, like I'm not interested, how does that make me look? I'm really attracted to her but I didn't exactly fall for her. I'm leaning on ending things but I don't know how. I just feel foolish for falling for her game. I don't want her to smoke my weed anymore either, lol.

tl;dr, girl is pretending to be interested in me to smoke my weed, actually has a girlfriend. i was getting sex out of it initially but haven't recently. please ask questions or give advice it will be greatly appreciated. thanks...


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  • Its a messy situation. For your own sake, end it so you can find another girl worth your time.

    • Indeed I think you're right. Thank you. How do you propose I end it? I just don't know how to bring it up. I don't want to emotionally hurt her like she hurt me, but I want to get out of this with my head up high and not feeling sorry for myself. If anything I want her to feel regret.

    • I would just tell her it is not working out, and that I don't see a future for us. Thats honest and to the point. Keep it blunt, keep it short. Walk with your head up because you just stood up for yourself and helped shape your own future. Now you have room to meet someone else better for you.

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  • "she is allowed to have sex with guys"... she is not a subordinate to be allowed or not allowed...
    probably you sucked in bed so she had to create this whole story to get rid of you without bruising your ego...

    • That's irrelevant, but no, I am very confident and proud of my bedroom skills. That has nothing to do with this. Apparently her girlfriend allows her to have sex with guys while they're away. She isn't a subordinate, as far as I know they both can mutually do this. I'm just here looking for how I should assess the situation now. THanks...

    • you can't compete with a lesbian in bed... lesbian sex is way better for women than straight sex coz lesbians are far better at cunnilingus... no chance for you...

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