Guys do you hide the pain your in? Why would you say can't just work right now?

So my boyfriend well ex boyfriend now dumped me in the most confusing way possible. He basically said this can go one of two ways either we can be friends or not. When I said whatever he wants he put it back on me and said I don't get what I want I wanted to fix this. He said well I don't get what I want either which didn't make sense because he had all the power to fix it. He even admitted to being the problem I'm not just putting the blame on him. But fine I said we could be friends. But he just kept saying we just can't work right now multiple times like it meant something. I'm fine being alone but I seemed to always have someone after me and as much as I love him and right now don't want to be with anyone else I'm not waiting around for him if that's what he's expecting. But the part that hurt the most. Was before he walked away he gave me a hug and I was strong until he did that but he gave me a tight hug and he walked away like nothing even happened. It was the worst part that he didn't seem hurt at all. So was he just faking it or was he really not hurt


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  • Your absolutely right, DON'T wait for him, show him you can move on, because this and only this will make him realise what he had when he was with you and a part of you, and only then will you know what his true intentions are, so hide your emotions from him, and whenever you see him, look as if you are having fun, because if he still has feelings for you, it will be then they start to cause him problems, and he won't be able to stay away, and then its you who gets to call the shots, and make demands. Don't allow any guy to take you for granted, make them feel that if they push you away or make you an ex, then they risk losing you forever, good luck, x


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  • maybe he's found another girl, and was tired of being the one to make decisions for you and cause your not "fighting" for him to keep him, and some guys won't show their emotions and im sure he's hurt cause you obviously wasn't

    • Hahahaha sorry you are so beyond wrong its not even funny

    • I agree with him. When they r that cold, its usually another female, listen to a mans opinion

    • I'll give you the first part as a possibility but I'm laughing to the fact that I didn't fight for him because I was fighting and that I didn't make decisions because I'm slightly controlling but worked hard to not be so bad. And I'm not hurt really

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  • honestly... I think he met someone else.. that's a typical sign. Been there done that


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