Can you get a statement from Verizon of your text messages?

My bf and i have been having problems with him texting another girl. He keeps all his texts and i noticed that from this girl he use to hook up with before we started dating are gone. I have asked him how they got deleted and he says he doesn't know. Which i am sure that's a lie because he would of had to delete them. I'm going to tell him to have Verizon send a bill of his text messages and see if they been talking. Just wondering if they can even do that and how far back they can go?


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  • They can do that, but realize that it's a huge invasion of privacy and trust. Is this girl he used to "hook up" with someone he was in a relationship with or someone he just had casual sex with? If he was just in a relationship with the girl before and still talks to her you really shouldn't do this, plenty of people stay in contact with their past lovers and it doesn't mean anything is going on. Of course if he was having casual sex with her that's a larger red flag and I would try talking to him about and see what he says, if he's the type of guy that cheats/lies/hooks up with random girls then you're probably justified doing it.

    Remember that you're in a relationship, you need to give your partner the benefit of the doubt in most cases. Going through their texts is pretty much akin to say "I don't trust you at all", of course if the person isn't trustworthy and hasn't earned your trust then it's probably acceptable

    • He had sex with her two times. They were never in a relationship. When I asked him the first time he said he doesn't know how they got deleted. Then he would say I probably deleted them one night I was drunk which I would never delete anything out of his phone. He has switched his story like 5 times. I'm just sick of him lying and if he wasn't talking to her then why are they deleted. That's why I'm confused

    • You're justified to do this then. If your partner is someone who has sex with girls without any commitment and lies, no one will blame you for doing this.

      This is a heavy action and it shouldn't be done lightly, but this is a situation where it needs to be done.

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  • You can tell him, you can ask him, but in all likelihood, he won't do it. If there are trust issues in this relationship, then you need to end it.

  • Holy shit. Just break up with him already.


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