What to do, My ex boyfriend insist of letting go and moving on, but continues to initiate contact with me?

My ex boyfriend of 3 years broke up with me over 5 months ago, since then he has continued to initiate contact with me and admits that he just doesn't know what he wants right now, I hurt our relationship by lying throughout the years and I understand that he deserves his space. Since the breakup, I've learned to accept my wrongs and live my life. He tells me constantly that he doesn't want to hurt me by stringing me along especially when he just doesn't know. How can I handle this the correct way so that we both can work this out?


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  • Have u told him in plain English that the best thing for both of u is no contact, especially if that's what he wants? That by continuing to call/text u IS in fact stringing u along? IMHO he's keeping u on the back burner in case he has a change of heart, which is ultimately keeping u from moving on. It's very selfish if u ask me. Explain to him if he wants a relationship then shit or get off the pot, obviously u have to want the relationship too. But if u don't want to be strung along and want to move on then it's best u just tell him u can't communicate with him anymore.

    • Thank you, We had this talk recently and he's aware of that matter, but it seems he just can't help himself to let go. He still tells me constantly that he doesn't know what to do and that he's afraid that ill hurt him again.

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    • I only he could trust me again, I've addressed to him that i only want to prove how much I love him and how much I value my relationship with him. In my heart i know I've changed. Years ago I cheated on him with an ex boyfriend of mines, we learned to work it out, he loved and forgave me for what happened in the past so long ago, back 5 months ago i lied to him about a trip i took with my girlfriends but has always remained faithful. I wish i was strong enough to let go and move on but i allow my insecurities to get to me and only wanna believe well work this out especially since he can't seem to let me go either. Am i back burner here?

    • Ooph... When someone forgives a cheater they tend to dwell and live and thrive on that moment. WHICH WILL TEAR DOES THE RELATIONSHIP. It is something that needs to be forgiven fully. As far as u lying and going out with ur girlfriends, y didn't u just tell him? If u can't move from ur lying and he can't move to fully forgive u, ur both fooling urselves. u can't just tell him ur going to be better it's going to have to be proven to him. Honestly just from ur last comment update I concurrent with ur theory, U ARE ON THE BACK BURNER. U might have to be the stronger one and cut the ties first.

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