Like a confetti a heart is broken into small pieces...?

I was dumped by my ex girlfriend for not giving her or should i say getting her out of dept. Now how does one get over a broken heart.


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  • Passage of time. Friends. Copious amounts of ice cream and Depeche Mode-riddled playlists.

    Exercise helps too. As does remembering the negative parts of the relationship (it sounds like you have lots of ammo here, unfortunately).

    • awesome now that i will try...

    • The ice cream and Depeche Mode was more tongue in cheek, but the other parts will definitely help. Do something cool for yourself, remind yourself why you broke up and why you're better off with out her (despite the fact that the pain is real), and hang out with supportive people. You'll get past it.

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  • I think that says a lot about her that the relationship would end because you wouldn't get her out of debt. She's an adult, that's her responsibility, not yours. If she can't manage her own life, and can't work to make a relationship last when bumps are in the road (like an argument about finances) it doesn't seem to me that she's ready for a real lasting relationship.

    In time you'll get over her. Fill your days with family, friends, hobbies, work etc... keep busy.

    • Thank you for your help... that means a lot to me for you to share some of your input...

  • That's stupid that girl dosent like you never has because all she cared about was your money. If I were you I wouldn't worry about her having a broken heart because she didn't care about you when she dumped you. She probably either found another man that could help her at the mean time and it could be that she was using him also and now maybe you are doing better financially and all of a sudden wants "take you back " or is "heartbroken " if I were you I wouldn't listen to her at all. Find yourself someone who does appreciate you for you not for your money ! If she really wanted to get out of debt she would have made an effort herself by getting a job. People need to stop depending on others all the time.!!!

    • She dumped me and the next day i find out that she is already with one her ex boyfriends... And she is trying to throw everything in my face by being lubby dubby with the ex boyfriend... And financially i am doing good because i own a small business that consist graphic arts and designs.

    • As of her she works as an RN at the nearest hospital... and she does have a kid as well

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  • Look at it this way. You could have made great sacrifices and paid all her debts, and she could have still dumped you afterward. Women do that shit. When you've paid it all out and you have nothing left, there's no reason for her to be there because she can no longer exploit you.

    No scarifice you've made in the past ever matters to a woman. It just doesn't count.

    • yes now that is so true... didn't think about that way.. thank you

  • You were right too bud, your not her own personal bank. I say time is the best thing, that and meeting someone knew can help after a but of time to truly get over someone

    • yeah that is true... i was not not her own personal bank. But i loved her so what is loved must be set free right?

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