Should I get my ex bf a gift or not?

So my ex broke up wit me a couple of weeks ago bc he was too busy and we decided to remain friends but in three weeks he has an interview for an important job and I told him if he wins the job, we will celebrate. I was thinking bout bringing a tiny muffin or whatever. But now I am unsure. He is usually busy and we don't talk as much but it would be a nice gesture. We dated for six months but known each other for 5 years.
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  • Do whatever you think is right it's not required and he gets the job just tell him congrats. He isn't your boyfriend anymore.

    • I want to do it because I care about him not because it is required. I check up on him and if he's stress, I help him through it. He knows I care bout him.

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    • No problem :)

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  • So far as I'm concerned, life comes first. I would practically quit a job or college to be with a woman. I never understood that thinking of him being to busy, so far as I'm concerned, he doesn't love you. Being busy is one thing, breaking up with you from being busy is another. You 2 could have been together if both of you were busy.

    • Yeah except he's doing this for his future. He's been doing this for years. Everytime I see him, he looks tired and is exhausted.

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    • Well if you 2 love each other and genuinely want to be with each other, then good luck to you. Everyone is busy at one point and I think its silly to break up over such nonsense.

    • Me too. Thanks.

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