Is it possible to get over someone but always have a soft spot based on good memories?

I am completely over this guy. I have been ignoring him for a long time and I've moved on. He wants me back and I would not take him back. When I decide I'm done I am done. But I still smile back fondly at some of our good times together. Is this normal? I don't want him anymore but that doesn't mean I can't smile at some of the good times we had and reminisce.

I am mature enough to know that he is not good for me and that's why I left him.


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  • Yes, Like today my parents took me to some restaurant at which I took a really close guy fried out to like 2 years ago. And I remembered that really nice memory I had. But at the end of the day I still hate his fucking ass off because he tried to dry hump me in my sleep when i was passed out at a party and because he ran off and got a fat hoe who already had a kid preggers again


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  • Yes it's a healthy thing


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  • yes, that's the best way to feel about the past


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