My ex keeps flirting with me in a sexual way, but he has a girlfriend?

So about 4 months ago, he left me for his ex-girlfriend whom I'm convinced is crazy because she always threatens to hurt or kill herself when someone upsets her. Anyways, him and I are still very close, we are best friends yet. In the past few days he has been a serious flirt with me. In a sexual way. I don't understand why now.. and he is still with that girl! He flirtatiously asked me a question and i asked him why doesn't he ask his girl for that (we were texting), and he told me he stopped responding to her and that he didn't know why, but he just stopped. I know he is having issues with her.. and he seems happier when he flirts with me (A lot has happened, he has been really depressed, same as I have been, for the past months). I don't know what to do.. I still have very, very strong feelings for him, and now he is making it harder to keep them in. Why is he doing this to me? Am i like just some girl he is looking to have fun with? I feel like letting him flirt with me like this, and the fact that I'm enjoying it is wrong, and I'm setting myself up for more pain in the future.. I'm not sure what to do... I'm not sure what he is thinking.. Help? Advice? Please, and thank you!


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  • Aww.. so things are going wrong with the girl he chose over you? wah wah.. fck that.. i wish a ngga would..


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