What is he thinking? What am I to him?

I dated a guy for 2 months, then he dumped me. We became friends, then 1 month after dumping me he announced he had a new GF, we didn't speak for a week but then everything went back to normal.

We text daily, if we hang out we generally spend the night (no sex) but sleep in the same bed, I'm not sure his gf knows about this or about how close we r. One night while he was in a fight with the current gf we went clubbing he kissed me and told me I'm his best friend. What is going on? Am I just his friend?


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  • You're the side chick. PLEASE do not make this more complicated than it needs to be. If you were his #1.. some other chick would be asking this question.. not you..

    • What should I do? Do I stop speaking to him?

    • Stop speaking to him altogether...

    • Is there a way for me to become his number 1 girl? Or do I have to accept my place or get out now?

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