What does my ex want from me?

So my ex and I have been over for almost a year now. Back in Sept. we tried the whole "let's see if this will work out" one last time. It failed. I didn't talk to him for months though I knew he had been trying to contact me. He got a girlfriend 3 weeks later after out last failed attempt. He still tries to talk to me now, he cares if I hate him or not, he makes any and every excuse to contact me. He claims he loves this girl yet he is so worried about me. The times that we did talk ( February ), he did and said things that I know his girlfriend wouldn't be happy to hear about. Every time we talk, he just reminds me of why we didn't work out (immature, simple petty arguments, still the same person). I can't understand why he won't leave me alone, what he wants, or why he cares if his ex (me) hates him or not. I sure wouldn't care. He contacted my sister saying "Hi, I don't want (my name) to hate me". I don't hate him, I've told him that several times but I just don't care to know him, talk to him, have him in my life, etc... What does he want? Any ideas? Its not to see if I'm ok because he knows I am.


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  • He obviously hasn't let go for some reason or another... I don't think you're a space filler, I think he probably just doesn't know how to be with you or without you from the sounds of things.

    How do you feel about him?

    • Well the times that we did talk on the phone he brought back good memories of how he used to always make me laugh and how we could talk about anything. That was nice and it put a smile on my face. Then there were other times when he just reminded me that he needed to grow up/mature in said area or I would have "here we go again" moments with him. He is a nice guy but I think he could improve on some things before there could ever be an us again. Thanks for your answer.

    • Sounds just like me and my ex. We still get along great and although stupid things happen and we are both in and out with other people, no matter what happens - we still have this really strong connection that I can't seem to compare to anything else. That being said, if I have a long conversation with him I feel myself thinking the same things you talk about... some weird mix of good memories and reminders of the imperfections that I couldn't deal with if we tried again.

      Its weird, he's one of two exe I have that I can honestly say - whenever we talk, I still feel the spark. The rest of them I couldn't care less for... but these two.. every time we interact i have to remind myself we didn't work

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  • It sounds like he got a new girlfriend just to try to make you want him back.

    It also sounds like he is trying to remind you of happy times, and keep in contact, because he is hoping that you will miss him enough to take him back while allowing him to remain the way he was.

    You should really stop contact and move on, unless you want that old relationship back (with him exactly the way he was)


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