I think I have an addiction..?

Me and my ex-bf broke up about a month ago. We dated on and off for like 2 months and had sex at least 3 times a day... Now we have been broken up for about a month and this stopping having sex cold turkey thing is starting to get to me. Any ideas of how to not just go do the next guy I find? Totally don't wanna turn into a slut.


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  • Don't think about sex, and dont think about not thinking about sex because your still thinking of it. Get your mind off of it by doing something you enjoy to do, watch TV or listen to music when you start to think about it. don't let your sexual frustrations control you. also im a virgin and like a year ago i was horny all the time, but i knew i would never find someone and forced my self to stop, I am great now.

  • Whtas wrong with having sex if you have the urge? Sex drives dont just go away if we are single. To surpress a natural urge time and time again will lead to problems in the future

    • I've been perfectly fine for the last year, supressing feelings isn't harmful.

    • you do realise, men who do not have intercourse regularly have a lower life expectancy, increased chance of heart attacks and strokes and more emotional problems later in life?

    • eh, ill die some day anyway. and i won't have any emotional problems, i actually can't wait for my mid-life crisis to start so i can tell myself to suck it up, that will be fun.

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