Is it wrong to date / marry a divorced man if you are the cause of their divorce?

He married this woman that he thought would be the girl of his dreams but she turns out to be this horrible tyrannical dictator so now he wants to leave her. I pursued him when he was single and still available but he turned me down thinking that I wasn't as pretty or as smart as the other girls. Now she treats him like garbage and I think I'd have a chance with him.


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  • Personally, I couldn't be with someone that previously viewed me "as not as pretty or smart". So I wouldn't date him anyway.

    That said, as long as you wait 'til he's divorced then I don't see a moral issue with it.


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  • "I am nobodys second choice.
    I am either your first choice,
    or i am no choice..."

    if he rejected you previously because you werent pretty or smart enough, then hell no you shouldn't persue him now. You need to think a bit more highly of yourself than to think a guy like this is worth your time and effort.

  • There is probably someone better for you. Do you know first hand how poorly he is being treated or is he only telling you? I have a gut feeling that he isn't holding up his part of the relationship and she is getting driven into insanity. You can do better.

  • Sleeping with a married man is wrong and carries a curse. Are you the reason for the problem? Good luck,


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  • I'm with DodgersGM on this- if the guy turned you down before because he thought you weren't good enough, then he's not worth your time. It sounds like someone with an ego problem to me. I know it's never cool for someone to treat another person badly, but maybe his wife knocked him down a few pegs. Anyway, if you do want to get with him, wait until their divorce is final. You don't want to be in that mess because the wife will just run right over you like she did her husband.

    Question- your title suggests that you are/will be the cause of their divorce. Has he said he wants to leave her for you or just that he wants to leave her? You saying you think you'd have a chance makes it seem like you would feel lucky that he'd pick you out of his potential future girlfriends. I think we need more details, but he sounds like a player that got cut down to size and is looking for a girl he can boss around.

  • I second what Julietxrose said. Agree 100%


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