Why would he still talk to the girl he cheated with?

He made out with her and from what I've heard he used to make out with her before we got into a relationship. He kissed her about 2 months into our relationship but he's still with me. Lately our relationship has been going through rough patches because of distance and we're not officially together. He described himself as being "50% single". They're really close friends and he talks to her on a weekly basis, he asked to chill with her but she declined. He's even talked to her about our relationship problems.

Obviously he cares about me more than her because he's with me not her but I'm not sure what to do or say to him?


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  • At first I thought, "he kissed a girl while in a relationship with you? Dump him!" But then I read "we're not officially together." So…what do you mean by that? He obviously isn't all-in to the relationship if he says he's half-single. And *wouldn't* say that if he truly wanted to be with you.

    So, I'm going to go with my original thought: dump him! This is too complicated and he sounds like too big of an ass for this to work.


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  • I hate to be the one who says this , but dump that mother fucker as I'm pretty damn sure he's cheating on you


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