Girls why would you talk to an Exs family?

Girls could you help me out understanding why my ex is still talking to my family behind my back? So why would an ex girlfriend still be talking to my family? She broke up with me and we almost had a child together.. Now I have tried to talk to her but she will not talk to me being she thinks I'm such ass hole.. I just want her gone..


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  • : / yikes, this is tricky.
    So, she probably made a sincere bond with your family when you guys were together. At the time, her goal was to get close to them because that inevitably can provide a stronger foundation for your future together. Little did she know, there would be know future together : / lol Sounds like despite your break-up, the connections between she and your family have solidified and she's not ready or willing to let go of them.

    It's inappropriate and it has the potential to really complicate things if you get a new girlfriend. Your new girlfriend will want to spend time with your family and your ex might make things uncomfortable. : / Try telling your family how you feel

  • Well, it's hard to say without more context, but it's likely because she's close with your family. If you don't want her to contact them, talk to your family and ask that you'd rather them not speak to her for your sake.

    • Yeah I don't get it we have been broken up for like four years now.. I think she still has feelings even thought she acts like I'm dead to her

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    • Yeah four years and she always seems to pop back into my life like two Thanksgiving ago she came over to my parents house and she started crying and everything saying she misses me and the baby.. I feel bad because we almost had a child together and I have know her for almost ten years now

    • Oh vey. What a mess. I mean, you can't really prevent her from just showing up at your house, but if she continues to interfere with you and your family's life I think you should gently suggest counseling. It sounds like she seriously needs it.

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