Ex Girlfriend is texting me empty texts. What's the point? I want her back?

Me and my ex broke up a month or so ago - she ended it, not me. She said she didn't have the same feeling for me anymore and she had too much going on. She felt I was being too much and needy and she said it turned her off. I only texted a lot because she did too and she's living away at the moment.

So I was in no contact and she texted me two weeks a go with a pointless text with no real question. I replied and then she never replied back... What's the point in that.

1 week later she texts again... pointless text about football. I ignored it this time.

Last night a text about adding her on pintrest, I replied this time and she replied back telling me her future plans about moving back and how was my holiday. I've replied... and now, no reply again.

What's the point in all this? She dumped me and all it's doing is making me sad because I do want her back

Do I confront her about it? No idea what to do.


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  • It sounds to me that although you both had split up, She is Now missing you. This is her reason for pushing a few buttons again, And---her motive for Pushing a few of yours, sweetie. She probably has had some time to think things over, and realizes how much she really Does care about you, and this "hint" of moving back, is telling me that she may want to get back together.
    Don't try and confront her with the situation right now. She sounds as though she may be a bit confused, and at the same time, wants you to come back. Just text when you have to and play things cool. Of course the ball is in your court as to what you would want to do, but if the time comes when she does return, And may want to get things rolling again, the decision would be up to you if you would want to play. There's no real way of knowing if you both reunited if she would bounce you around again, but I do think everyone deserves a second chance, and maybe this is what she is looking for. xx

    • She's definitely moving back; she is originally from where I am. She only moved up there to be with her now ex ex boyfriend. When we were together we discussed about her moving down and she has been accepted into a Uni down here.

      She's definitely pushing my buttons :-/ I'm trying to be cool. If she texts back would it be a good idea not to reply if she doesn't ask me any questions? Would that be playing it cool?

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    • She's text back :-)) it's a text with no questions... So I could carry it on or just leave it and maybe she'll text me again soon or me text her next week. I've replied and been cool but I don't want to start asking a load of questions because it sounds a bit needy. Doesn't it?

      Should I say it was good to hear from you :-), I'm pretty busy this week with work and one or two other things so give me a call or a text at the end of the week or next week.

      That would be playing it cool wouldn't it?

      I know you said just reply but I don't want to bounce general chit chat texts back and forward all day. Don't want to be in that friends zone.

      I think she may be down next week or in a couple so I wouldn't mind meeting her? How do I get that in there without sounding desperate?

    • Yes, that's fine for text.. No, not a lot of questions, but yes, your text sounds good.. see what happens now.. xx

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