Why did he do this? What should I do?

So, this is kind of complicated, so here's the timeframe...

-- Almost two months ago, my ex boyfriend broke up with me. No explanation. We had been together for almost three years, and were planning to move in together and get married.

-- A week after he broke up with me, he wrote me and said he needed space and time before he could speak to me.

-- Another week goes by, he writes me and tells me that he's not sure how he feels anymore, and says "we'll see what happens?"

-- We e-mail back and forth for a few weeks. Things seem to be going well; we're talking, but he still keeps telling me he's angry at something that he won't reveal. I have no idea what, and he won't explain. I tell him that I just wish I knew what was going on; he writes and tells me that we'll see, but that the fact that he is still talking to me means that he's giving me a shot, though he's clear that we're not back together and he specifies that he's not ready to see me in person again yet.

-- A week ago, I called him just to say hi. He seemed happy to talk to me, and said we'd talk that weekend. We didn't, because he didn't get in touch.

-- Three days ago, he wrote me saying hi, and asking how I've been, saying he was thinking about me.

-- I tried calling him the other night. As soon as he heard my voice, he hung up. No contact since then.

Why would he act this way? I don't understand what is going on. I'm a total mess, and can't stop crying, and it's worse because I have no idea what he wants or what will happen.


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  • The bad news is he doesn't know what he wants or what will happen either. I recommend you stop playing this game with him; he's being childish and indecisive.


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