Shall I unblock her from Facebook as I'm just over it now? Or will she take it the wrong way?

So I've had her blocked for 6 months and have achieved many big things in that time and I'm very happy with life. I've accepted us going separate ways and I no longer feel bitter. I don't want to unblock her and her think it's a sign of weakness and gloat or think I'm hoping for communication I'm simply wanting to drop the negativity and show that it all no longer bothers me. What do guys think? Unblock or keep her blocked?


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  • Don't... If you aren't going to interact with her any more, just don't bother.

    • Do you think she would think it means something if I did then?

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    • Nah no need for that

    • Well don't bother then.

What Girls Said 1

  • I'd leave it, from personal experience leave it. Me and my ex broke up after a year long relationship, it was painful on both sides. He begged me to stay friends, but he rebounded after 3 weeks and posted pictures of her on Facebook to hurt me and I was so upset, i deleted him. When I came to terms with it 2 months later, I text him just to see how he was... no reply. it just hurt all over again. Fast forward 5 months later, I tried to re-add him on Facebook , he ignored it, which again hurt. In the end a last chance to reconcile, not to get back with him, just to make peace I emailed him. I told him I wasn't expecting a reply, that I was sorry for everything that was said and that we ended in such a bad way and that I hope he was now happy and wished his family well. Again no reply, I know I wasn't expecting one, but as I just wanted to make peace and him being Christian, expected some forgiveness. After all the love I had given him, he didn't seem to care whether I was alive or dead and he was very harsh in his reaction.
    I'm not saying your ex is the same and I am sure you are over it now, but in the sense of you unblocking her, I expect a small part of you would hope she will add you on Facebook . If she doesn't do it, it could bring back all those hurt feelings you had, and you may go back to square one.
    I would leave it any case. Move on from this, she clearly was not the girl for you. Focus on the future, not the past. You clearly have progressed healthily and have done well. Don't ruin it now. I can tell you I have wasted too much time thinking about my ex, whilst he went on living his life.


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