Will my ex-boyfriend eventually come back to me?

My ex-boyfriend and I broke up about a week and a half ago. We dated for about 4 months, and spent literally almost every day with eachother. He tells me his feelings have changed, and there's nothing that will fix it. Is he being honest, or is he putting up a front? Is it possible that he will come back to me if I just cut off all communications whatsoever?


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  • Please read the book "Why Men Love Bitches". It's great!

    Do you believe that when one door closes, many more open? Please do not get fixated on this guy. He is who he is. I know this is harder said than done (and believe me we've all had to go through the pain of rejection), but focus on yourself. Take good care of yourself, enjoy hobbies, time out with friends, make new friends online. Anything to get your mind off of this guy. You cannot predict whether he will come back or not. As much as you don't know why he broke if off. The more you take care of yourself, the more desirable you become. So it's a win-win situation.


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  • If a guy says his feelings have changed then cut your losses and run. 4 months is not a very long time for a relationship to have built major meaning to most guys. If he comes back its because he hasn't found what he thinks is better. Then you will fall into he comes around when he wants something or is lonely then he will poof again to chase something else and you'll be heart broken again.

    • The thing is we have SO many memories. We were with each other almost everyday! There wasn't really a time where we wouldn't talk on the phone, or be with each other in person. We would bicker a lot about dumb things, which he said was "the reason" why he couldn't do it anymore. I feel like there is something else though.

  • time is time doesn't matter if its a week month or years.
    if the time spent together was special then it is special ignore the time frame its not a factor.

    u can never get the right advice here cuz no1 knows ur ex or how he feels and what type of guy etc , i personally hate to play games but if u really like him then show him in one way or another

    if he appreciates and really likes u hell be back., if his reaction is not positive then he's not worth ur time or feelings.

    u need to cut through the b/s if u get what u want or the closure that u need , take it from some1 who had lots of relationships fizzle out , there's nothing better than closure so u can move on


    • Thank you sooooo much! This really helped me. (:

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