I miss him so much! Should I expect him to come back?

I've been going nuts for almost a week now ever since me and him broke up! I miss him like CRAZY!!! I don't know if he's going to come back or not, but some part of me hopes he does. The other part of me hopes he doesn't. I just wish things could go back to normal. Has anyone ever been through something like this, where the guy ends up coming back to them?
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  • everything happens for a reason so remember that.
    if u feel that u miss him and u miss what u had maybe he's feeling the same way? maybe not , communication is key. if u ignore and he ignores life moves on. so knock on his door in anyway if u get a positive reply great if not u get ur closure and move on.

    im going through a different scenario but basically its off with my gf and its been a week now and i usually try to patch things up but had enough of her actions so im not contacting for her to change her ways , i love her and do want her and i know she does too. sometimes i dont go back for a reason im not happy about and i need things to change in order for things to be great and survive the future

    hope u get what u want :~)

    • Thank you!!!

    • Everything happening for a reason? That's such a tired and superficial argument. What reason was there when an infant is stillborn? When a soldier gets blown up by an IED? There's no reason. Shit happens and you just have to learn from it the best you can.

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  • Odds are, he's not coming. Seldom do people come back together after break-ups. Almost always one party is too hurt or the other is too disinterested or any combination of those things and more. I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you.

  • Hard to tell from the sparse information that you submitted.

    • He told me that his feelings are "gone" & there's nothing that is going to change that! We just broke up a week & a half ago. I don't think someone is going to move on that fast from a 4 month relationship. Out of those 4 months, we were with eachother about every single day! It felt WAY longer than 4 months!

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    • It shouldn't be about the "amount of time" though. We've had so many memories in such a short amount of time. My one ex & I were on & off so many times & the first time we dated was about 5-6 months.

    • I actually agree with the asker in regards to, it's not about the amount time you spend with them, it's the time you spend with them.

      I dated a girl for just over a month, I met her parents after only 2 weeks, and by week 3 we went on 2 road trips together. She told me hundreds of times that she really, really liked me, that she had never felt like this before, that it felt like we knew each other for a long times... It's the print you leave in their hearts that counts.

  • The odds are against you, he probably won't come back, I'm sorry to say.


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