Is this him 'trying'? Or am I overthinking?

Very long story short:
my ex and I admitted we are both still madly in love with each other. Only thing that tore us apart was his big move. Now we want to really try harder to work things out, though sometimes I feel it is always me putting in all the effort.
My girlfriends say I'm looking too deep into it, and that he really is putting in effort.
He texts me first some days, calls me sometimes, says he wants to talk to me, and basically is the one to initiate the conversation sometimes as well. Am I really overthinking it and is this really him trying for me? Should I expect more?
He says he is just afraid of it not working out again, so doesn't want to get his hopes too high.


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  • Distant can be really hard to deal with and most of the time from what I've seen it doesn't seem to work out. Why didn't you move with him? Had it not came up in conversation? And if not why? If you are thinking so much about it/into it then ask yourself why? If its right and you are happy would you be thinking about this?


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