I dont know what too think, is he talking too another girl?

So I just got a text from my bf i been dating 8 months after i send him a picture he text me this back. Hey honey you liked the booty shake I did today he he... I wasn't with him at all today? He claims its a mistake swears he isn't lying and all but I don't know what too ask honestly I don't. He talked too a girl months ago and admitted and said he never want too loose me for anything but this has me thinking did he meant that really for another girl...I really just cried my eyes out a bit and he instantly called me when i text back who did u mean to send that too i didn't see u today... really


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  • he very well could've been talking to a different girl. but it depends on how much you trust him and whether you believe him or not. i'm sorry.


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  • yeah he is talking to somebody else


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