Girls- why has she not tried to contact me?

My ex gf and I dated for 2 years but left me for her current bf. We have been broken up for a year, have not seen each other in a year and have not spoken in 9 months. She had blocked my Facebook multiple times since the break up. In July she threatened me with a restraining order eventhough she initiated contact with me for two straight days. That was the last time we spoke.
3 months later, she unblocks my Facebook randomly and then reblocked me 2 weeks later for no reason. 3 months after that, a mutual friend of mine and the ex, went out to dinner with the ex and the ex's bf. My ex asked the mutual friend about me and how I was doing infront of her bf. The mutual friend said my ex's questions about me made my ex's bf uncomfortable. One month later my ex refriended my best friend on Facebook . They were friends when we were together but all of my friends ditched her after the break up. THEN a month later, my ex randomly unblocked me on Facebook again. It's been a month and she has not contacted me. Why has she unblocked me but not try and contact me?

**i notice she unblocks me because she keeps popping up on mutual friends posts.


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  • Truthfully, being You Both were together for such a long time, And have this history together, I believe in All honesty, she most likely still cares about you And misses you, And----wants to still stay at least friends with you. But I am Not saying it couldn't be------More.
    As crazy and confusing as this all seems to you, it isn't very hard for me to distinguish what she is doing, how she is feeling, And being that her "Questions" about You in front of her newbie is making him itchy, tells me there just May be a bit of trouble in paradise, let's say. Keep your eyes and ears open with mutual friends.
    Don't be surprised if her next move is-----to cry on your shoulder with "worries of woe."
    Play it cool, play it right, and whatever you do, don't be so quick to wear your heart on your sleeve with this "fickle pickle." She can't be totally trusted, at this point in time.
    Good luck.xx

    • Thanks for the reply. Yea she hasn't tried to contact me yet but also about a week and a half ago I started to date someone new. So who knows.

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    • Ya but a year plus later for closure? Sounds selfish to me.

    • Probably was some grudges, and now...the closure.

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  • That girl is crazy. A restraining order? Really? How much drama do you need in life? It seems to me that you're stuck and don't want to move on. Realize that even though she "might" care about you, she left you for someone else and she's with them, not with you. There is no "love" whatsoever in what she does. You should not be hoping she contacts you. You should move on. Looks like you've always been available for her.

  • It seems like she just needed time to really get over you.

  • For what you say, I think this girl has serious issues. You should keep evidence whenever she contacts you first, or tries to add you again on FB. Let's say a screenshot, etc. That way if she ever accuse you of stalking her or something you will have something to defend yourself against her. Why she has not contact you? My best guess is that maybe she only does it when she needs attention. Sorry. I think you should find someone better than her.

    • Thanks for the reply. I know she won't really get a restraining order. She knows she over reacted. So why do you think she hasn't contacted me? This is the longest that I've been unblocked from her. I'm guessing she doesn't know how to approach the situation considering she went a little nuts.

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