Why is my ex suddenly acting all sweet and nice to me?

So my bf and I been threw a lot with each other. And both of us... didn take the brake up to well. And this year 2014 I didn't hear from him until like months later. And he came back not begin the person I remember, and he was very distance and just moody. And now Tuesday and Hours yesterday he was begin nice to me. But on Monday he was coming off rudr to me. So now I'm like what gives and wtf is going on with him and he actually comes in the room with me. And just was having a conversion like it was no tomorrow! and also I felt like he was watching me as I was working abd just seen to wanna be around me. So I don't know how long he will keep this up but what gives? Thanks :)


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  • Wake up and smell the roses/coffee he just wants to get in your pants darling, that hot to cold trick please don't fall for his shit. If you guys were meant to be friends I know he wouldn't be treating you like that. Leave him tell him to bounce off.

    • Oh is that what it is. But see most of the times he would let me know when he is sexual turn on. But this time.. he didn't touch me.. he didn't get into my personal space nor try to kiss me. This felt different... and weird in s way for me. And I mean you could be right.. I don't know about a sex thing. But I didn't get that from him.. I did feel like he has a reason for what he was doing. But in a way I do feel like he was looking at me in a lustful way.. but then again. I just felt like there was another reason as if he has a plan or up to no good. I really don't trust him at times b.c he's always doing weird ish. And thank you!!

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    • If you want to truly move on and have all of this over, you'll stop talking to him. I had this guy that I would bend backwards for, I would almost do anything, that's how love drunk I was. Things ended badly. I was a complete wreck, yet I did start to move on but I did miss him from time to time then after a year he came back and thought things would be completely different and guess what, I was naive to ever think of that, luckily this time I had a grip on my emotions so I wasn't hurt, I was sad/disappointed but not a wreck like I was before. I learned so many things. When you cut someone out that's it you can't go back, it's nice to day dream and think that we can end up together but it won't ever happen. Once you go through so much pain you realize things and when you look back the situation wasn't as sweet as you thought. You deserve someone that won't cause you bullshit or give you crappy responses he may not be seeing someone but doesn't mean anything he doesn't have you...

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