What does my ex mean? Help please!!?

My ex and I dated for a yr. We were good friends 2 years prior. I broke up with him, but we still had a fling afterwards. No title. He then broke off our fling because he wanted a relationship, & started dating a girl so they could "both get over the ones they loved." He broke up with her lmao but now he's back with her. I NEVER initiate conversation and he manages to text/call at least once a week, but why does he call me HOMIE, especially when he compliments me? Ugh he knows how much I hate it. Being friends is so complicated.
A guys opinion would be great :-)


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  • Aww :)) he wants you to want him!! .. DON'T. This dude is the ultimate attention wh*re and will do anything to have his ego stroked.. *throws up in mouth for a second*... He's a child. Ignore his BS. ...Find a real man.

    • Lol this made my night thanks!!

    • Your are very welcome ;)

    • Thank you for MH, love.

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