Why is my ex bothering me but wants me not to call him?

My ex and me dated for 8 years and we're high school sweethearts. He ended up leaving me to be with this women who is about 16yrs older than me and him and moving away with her to another city well recently he came to visit and talked about things he says I need to stay away from him that he's no good and dosent want to hurt me and that things will never workout between us because he can't change and he will always regret our breakup I told him I was OK and wasn't trying to get back together well last night he called me drunk and told me I need to stay away from him and that he's no good and I told him OK he says I need to not have sex with him and or flirt with him and I told him I wasn't trying to be together than he got mad and said why do I even awnser his calls then I'm so confused because he's the one who calls me and always wants to know what I'm doing and how the kids are or wants me to be with them when they go out and calls me a lot why is he acting like that it's frustrating and confusing


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  • He dreams his problems would go away by moving back in with you and resuming his once dull life that now has become better than his life now. But he realizes he was harmful to you prior and probably will be again if you allow this. His life now sucks b/c of his poor decision, even if some blame could be heaped on a she-trickster.
    You could continue to stay away & safe - tell him "you'll find somebody"
    You take the risk again; he'll begin by being the model/ideal hubby but then he & I know that later good things will be again taken for granted, then that poor judgement slippery slide is just ahead.

  • It' creepy weird situation, talk with him and ask the reason of bothering. That's not good for you.


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