Would you go back to an ex that lied to you that they were pregnant so you could stay?

So basically I was talking to this guy, we hit it off great. But he basically threw me aside to go back to his ex because they have "history". I was upset but I'm like that's the dumbest thing I've heard. Why would someone go back to someone that they constantly argue to, they lie about being pregnant for you to stay and he's always degrading her on Facebook calling her a Hoe, Bit*h and how she's not faithful... I'm 18 and he was 20, I feel this generation has love all screwed up, I would never do something like that to someone I loved.


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  • well let's not make generalizations about a generation because of this guy or a few bad eggs.

    but no I probably would not go back to a girl who lied about being pregnant in an effort to come me

    that said people stay in relationships or go back to relationships that are toxic all the time. Love IS NOT rational, which means that people will sometimes, almost inherently, make some bad or at least questionable decisions in the name of love.

    my opinion for you is what do you want with a guy who would trash, bad mouth and publicly insult their partner? I think this is kind of a good riddance thing for you


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  • They sound perfect for each other, you are much better off without either of them in your life.


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  • Do you really want to be with someone like him? And no, guys don't like the pregnancy scares. He won't be back.

    • Also, even if he DOES go back to her, just forget him. He is a boy.

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