A few months later, I still feel really guilty. help?

my bf broke up with me since "it's not going to go anywhere" and I am getting obsessed". He's my first. I keep thinking how I might have caused the BU in the end, how if I haven't said things then we may still be together

I wasn't happy with him play with his phone when hanging out but never said anything. One month before BU, I mentioned it's better if we spend time together instead of him on his phone. On fri that week, he took out his phone, gave me a look and said "well we are not talking", which made me feel made fun of. I snapped "how old are u? there are better thing to do than playing games". After dinner I sorta "dragged" him to a bar (I asked him about it that morning because I had a bad week but he didn't really ans, but asked me if I'd go to few places w him, which I did) I drunk rambled about my bad week and things he did that week that I didn't like.

Next day, I apologized since I felt really bad for snapping, and he replied "so u admit u are a b^tch?" On Sunday, I decided to talk to him about the phone thing because I realized if I didn't then I might snap again and he didn't know why, which isn't fair. He's defensive. I said "maybe just a normal hang out?", he's like "fine, come ruin my weekend." In the end, I did (he was so cold when I got there and made me feel very bad again), n said "I'm not trying to lecture you, it's just I m making an effort and I feel unappreciated when I come all the way to spend time with u and u play w ur phone" and he's pissed and said "you come all the way to tell me this, I said I dun wanna talk. u came over and cried. u dun need to come, I do wt I want, this is not fun, maybe u should not date. u ruined my fri and now my weekend.

Things seemed fine the next day, he's initiating hang-outs for 2 weeks, though I bicker a bit while we were texting and he said "drama queen". Now I realized how trivial the things i bickered about are. And it prob further worsen the situation

It really sucks. help?


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  • his interest has died. leave him.. i won't say he's an asshole. but if he told you that its not going anywhere, why should you push him more? you should have left him there and then. he's acting like a dick, and you are acting like a bitch. you'll ending up hurting yourself. so accept its time to go. don't irritate him more.


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  • Hmmm you don't have to apologize for some reasons to him because guilty situation always bothers with you, you can be sure. I had also a break-up before times but I didn't consider about it very much. Sometimes, you know to say "never mind" rely on me!...


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  • You have nothing to feel bad about. He sounds like a dick


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